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The weather on curacao

The climate of Curaçao is Semi-Aride or a dry climate with very little rainfall. It has a rainy season which in this case means that a shower can fall in the months of October through December. These showers usually fall at night and are actually wonderfully refreshing. The showers that fall are often intense and do not last long. Tip; if it rains in the east then it may well be that the sun shines in the west, the showers are very local so no worries. Just move yourself to the sun. Pay attention because the roads are slippery here when it rains, you can compare it to black ice in the Netherlands. Curious about the weather forecast in the coming days, view the weather on the website of the Meteorological Department Curacao.

Dry periods with a nice breeze

The months of February to June can be called dry and there is hardly any rain.
The trade winds bring wonderful cooling during the day and provide warmth at night; the temperature also continues to fluctuate around 25 ° C at night. The average day temperature is 31 ° C and is the same almost every month of the year. Because a lot of rain has fallen before this period, the island is also very green during this period.

Are there hurricanes in Curacao?

The windward islands, including Curacao, do not suffer from hurricanes. The windward islands such as Sint Maarten, Sint Eustatius and Saba do have that. The hurricane season starts in August and ends in October. The wind then pulls away from the windward islands, making this period the warmest period of the year on Curacao.

In short, there is something to be said for every period, but the temperature generally remains the same, making Curacao a top destination for those looking for a wonderful sun holiday.

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